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neuropathy testimonials

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"I have had very serious diabetic neuropathy in my feet for at least five years, including a lot of fluid buildup and pitting and colorization with tight ankles and sores that don’t heal. The spasms in my calves have been extremely bad, and because my balance is not good I have had to use a cane to walk to keep from falling. After just one 45-minute TeslaMax session, I can already feel a world of difference, just a marvelous difference in my ability to walk. I did not even need my cane to walk and I have much more feeling in my feet without the numbness or pain! Even though the TeslaMax gave me some very deep contractions it did not hurt at all. I definitely recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from foot numbness or pain."

"I've suffered with foot pain for years. I can now feel my feet again and am on my way to a normal life again."

"We've tried everything for relief. This information has helped me live again."

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